I recommend Arthuro555 for consultation or tutoring about GDevelop

If you have questions about GDevelop or need some hands on tutoring, I recommend @Arthuro555. Over a couple of sessions, Arthur has helped me immensely with the development of my game. One mistake in my title (using a semicolon) was making it so my game wouldn’t run! It just took Arthur a few minutes to figure out what the problem was. He also taught me how to optimize my game, almost doubling my FPS to some ridiculous number.


Nice, how can we contact him, I need some help/sessions as well

Try messaging him at the tag above.

Thanks for your interest!

You can contact me directly per email at arthur.pacaud@hotmail.fr, and we’ll arrange a meeting on e.g. google meet and discuss the payment.

If you are ready to pay a few additional dollars, and want a more streamlined process for arranging the time & payment, or want a third party to handle the payout to ensure I do fulfill my part of the contract, you can use the platform Ringer, where you can find me on the page for GDevelop: