I wanna learn to create a game of 5 to 6 levels.............

Hi my name is Umar. I am an 3d generalist (3d animator). I am really new to game develop. I wanna learn to create a game of 5 to 6 levels with complex game structure and assets, lot of animations and sounds file. but it’s not too complex too!!! like “adventures of batman and robin” something like that I don’t have any good example right now. my question is how to do these things…
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  1. start a game with some kind of an intro and a menu screen, with interactive buttons.
  2. changing levels.
  3. setting up buttons so that… 1. people can change gameplay keys\buttons according to their preferences. 2. It can run export\publish to different platforms (like windows, android, Iphone and iOs etc.)
  4. changing modes so the player can have different power modes to fight with (like changing guns), he is a metahuman and have 4 different powers. (I know that can be done with variable, but how)?
  5. need to know how to set sounds and music.
  6. I need a pause screen, with some options, so when you quite a level you go back to the main menu screen and also and very impotent, when you pause you can save the game at any point.
  7. when the game ends it show some credits and and stuff and goes back to the main menu screen.

I need tutorials on them if there are any!!!

First, you realize GDevelop is 2D, not 3D. Your 3D skills won’t be used to their fullest.
If you want a 3d game (in 2.5D like New Super Mario Bros), you should try Unity3D.

For all you ask, there are examples in GD, in the home page, which answer most of your questions.
Basically, create a new scene, fill it with your assets (creating sprite objects), then program their behavior in the event page.

You should train yourself with the shooter tutorial, which presents all the basic stuff you need to understand before making a full-fledged game.

Just want to mention, you can still use your 3D skills by converting your 3D models and animations in to 2D sprites and sprite sheets, GD native platform also has 3D boxes that ideal to make walls, buildings, even fences, trees, grass by using 2D sprites on one side of the boxes and transparent images on the rest.
Probably your 3D software can render images and save images of 3D object/scene frame by frame but in case you want an easy and fast solution, I can recommend SpriteMe. Though this software supports .dbo (DarkBasicObject) and .x format only but very useful and easy to use. You can make a sprite or sprite sheet from any direction, angle, distance, with any background color and you can also add lights and apply shaders. In case of FPSC character animation you can also choose weapons for the character or add your own, you can also apply different textures too. Brilliant piece of software So, it is not impossible to make a nice 2.5D, isometric game in GD :slight_smile: Of course not that effective as a full 3D engine or 2.5D engine, but still possible by using nice 3D looking sprites :slight_smile:
But you can also design your 3D models by such use in mind, make them in parts (heads, legs, arms…etc), convert them to sprites and use the sprites in Spriter to make 2D animation.

Regarding your questions, I can recommend the same as mtarzaim. Start with the basics, (tutorials available on the wiki) try to achieve simple things first and work your way up, but all you asking about is pretty easy to do in GDevelop :slight_smile:

first of all no matter what you do in 3d the final render is always 2d and Gdevelop is al about 2d, so I can easily create 2d asset from a 3d software(blender). On top of that the animation will be really organic. So my problem is developing the game not the assets. please help…

As they said, you should try to learn the basics, we can’t help you with your game if you really doesn’t know where to start :wink:
Begginers tutorial:
Basic Turret Shooter
Basic Platformer

Look I know the basics, but that’s just is tooo little. now game starts with a intro animation, a menu screen and level changes. now if you just help me with a basic info on these topics I will be doing great. I just need a little head start.

new scene
call it Intro
do your stuff in it (create sprite objects and text objects, make events to make them animate)
if enter key pressed, load scene title

new scene
call it title
do your stuff in it (create sprite objects and text objects, make events to make them animate)
Depending on where the player clicks/presses, load scene levelselect or options or whatever you need


If you did the shooter/platformer tutorial, you should already know how to do all that.

With the main idea, you can ask us if something is not clear about mtarzaim’s summary, or ask for specific problems, like switching scenes, using external layouts, sprite’s points and animations, etc. :wink:

For example, for make buttons, create a Sprite object with two or three animations, then switch between them in function of mouse events:
“If mouse is over Button” ==> “Set animation of Button = 1”
“If mouse is not over Button” ==> “Set animation of Button = 0”

Finally, depending of wich button was pressed, run specific actions, as turn on/off sound :slight_smile:

I know how to make buttons ( I am an animator). what I don’t know is how to make changeable controllers. Like if a person want’s to redefine his own pacific keys for ease.