I want ideas for extensions to make

Can it generate an array of pseudo-random numbers?

Errh. Well, if you fill an array with these numbers, you have that array ! :sweat_smile:

I will be waiting for the gdevelop-team to review my last extension submission, and then I will submit the PseudoRNG one.

Meanwhile, I am thinking on making an extension that is able to create an external layout in runtime, it would work like this:

  1. The user inserts an action and inputs the start-area (x:0, y:0 for example)

  2. Then they will input the area-width and area-heigth (lets say width:100 ; height:100)

  3. They will input an object (or object group) that should be captured by this “external layout” if they are within the provided area, along with the new external layout name.

I think it will be made with javascript, because I would have to take account literally every single property of the captured objects.

Is there an extension that shows how much your game weight in Kilobytes? One that analize the game that you are making and by counting pixels (al least), shows results on the screen. And that works even when you are editing, updating constantly. :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

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No. (Typing more things bc post must have 20 characters)

I’ve always hated adding sub-events and extra actions after an object is created to be able to pick and then do something with it. And I don’t know how to make extensions yet. So my idea is a: On created condition.

For that you can use the “Object picking tools” extension and “Pick last object”

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I checked them out and they do not do what I want not even close :upside_down_face:

I think I got what you want to do, I will make it later.

No need whatever is fun to make

If you’re looking for reusable extensions that aren’t too tricky to implement, consider user authentication, file uploads, pagination, logging, caching, and error handling modules. These can be applied across different projects and save you time in the long run.

Entity AI extension: a copypaste of a minecraft mob. Not completly, several parts can be ignored. It would become a non-coding enemy that everyone would use, specially beginners.
It will help a lot with starters and it will have some good mechanics like “track player at (x) radious”, pick up items, tamable, transform by lightning strike, and other things like that.

I’m downloading the Format number project along with the extension, to submit it at github. I will send the pull request link once I finish, so interested people can download it.

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Hello and thanks for your work! I would like an extension to layout texts in a more advanced way:

  1. Vertical Centering: If there is too much text in the center of a box, it is split across two lines, but the center of the text changes to coincide with the box.

  2. If a text is longer than its box, the text size decreases (useful for games in different languages).

I achieved these functions but in a somewhat inconvenient way.

In addition to this, many users have reported the problem of collision between objects on different layers. If the different cameras use parallax, rotate or have zoom, the collision that appears on the screen does not occur. Thanks again!