I wish they quit updating Gdevelop

Every time they update Gdevelop a new issue comes with it magically removing an action and making it now unsupported or unknown. I pray every time it updates because it typically ruins my projects and worse it doesn’t even tell you what used to be there.

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I’m sorry you’ve experienced some issues with updates.

However, no actions have been removed nor made unsupported in nearly 40 releases, and even then I believe it was a single event condition. So unless you’re upgrading from b80 or older to b124, none of the updates should be causing what you’re mentioning.

If you can provide more context people might be able to assist in more detail.


Yeah, I’m sorry I mostly wrote that while very angry. it has been happening where it says "Action unknown or no longer supported but it is a very new project. Now i don’t know what it was supposed to be or how to fix it.

Select that action in the editor and do a CTRL+C, and paste it with CTRL+V here in the comments below please.
That kind of issue happened mainly on extensions if you removed an extension from your project.

I would also prefer if there was a more predictable release cycles and beta testing in place.
The devs have removed the beta from the name but they continue to treat it as such and update it weekly and daily which automatically gets downloaded and break things for people.

It is also doesn’t help with the press, for example GameFromScratch did criticised GDevelop for this unpredictable release cycle because he never know when is the best time to cover GDevelop releases. Often by the time he finish an article or video for a release, there is already a new release out. The last time he covered GDevelop, because of this he was just rushed through the dev logs and missed to cover some interesting features.


I don’t think slowing down on the iteration really does much for anyone. From his own discussion on his discord, Mike from GameFromScratch is keeping an eye out for larger releases going forward to avoid the recap-style devlog read he did before.

I do think there could be a benefit to there being a regular “large update” every quarter that recaps all additions/fixes since the last “large update”. Or maybe every X.X1 change, so at 5.130, the release log shows new items specific to that release, but also recaps every feature addition/bugfix since 5.120.

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Doesn’t need to slow it down but could have beta releases that you need to download manually and stable releases that download automatically just to be on the safe side. At the moment GDevelop is being updated at crazy speed without proper checks and as GDevelop grow it is going to get harder to catch all errors. People regularly complain about their game is broken or even their project got corrupted after an automatic update. It is not a healthy strategy in my opinion to ignore these incidents while the solution is very simple, require only a little organisation and trust people can download their updates if you notify them. We had a discussion about this as well in the past and 4ian was concerned people forget to update GDevelop and the solution is to disable it manually if you don’t want that. I mean people trying to make games here deserve a bit more trust in their cognitive ability :joy:

I was going to ask how Mike is going to decide what is a “large update”, but yeah if GDevelop would recap every 3 months or so what has been changed in the last 3 months that could help with the press for sure, there is not a lot of blog posts on the home page anyway. That could be nice actually :+1:


yeah you are absolutely right