[Icon for Execution File] crash the Program

I tried to bind one App Icon into the exe file, if I Compile it the *.exe tells me it is not a proofed win32 application
(at XP SP3 + Win7 (with sucking Grafic Card, but that shoudn’t count :smiley:))


I packed one testicon into the zip

I am not sure if it belongs to the icon itself, i tried more than one icon with and without transparent colour…

(and if I get on your nerves you should ask me to stop posting “pseudo-bugs”…, I don’t want to harm you :stuck_out_tongue: )

Yes, the bug was already report.
Use the “simple mode” compilation instead of “one executable compil” to avoid this bug.

I got this issue at both options…, single AND “simple compile” … and both versions crash…

are you able to compile my provided testfile to a working exe? Within the attached Icon?

Ah, problematic.
Wait for the next fix version. :wink:

On my computer, using your game and your icon, the game is indeed not working when compiled in “single executable file” mode, but it works correctly using the “simple” compilation.

To ensure that you game works, compile it without any icon, and then add an icon to the executable with a dedicated software ( like XN resource editor, or other “exe icon changer” ).

There aren’t any problem :slight_smile: , keep reporting bugs even if they are small bugs, as long as they were not already reported ( Just make a quick search in the English forum to be sure that a similar bug has not been reported before ). It helps me enhance the quality of GD, even if I must take care of some bugs which are more important for now.