Icon sorting game

I will make a game, in order to attack and defend in the game, the icons must be pressed in the order of the icons on the screen.

example: the character needs to do the triangle square triangle order to attack, he needs to do the round triangle round order for his defense

the part i can’t do is how do i get the values ​​of these icons and reset the icons when it’s wrong

Can you screen shot your events of what you have currently?

I hope these pictures are self explanatory. In these pictures, the character enters the combo he has to do to attack, and when he enters it correctly, it damages the enemy and can also block the enemy’s attack (of course, in a different order).

I could not do the ranking system here.

by the way sorry for my english i used translation for most places so it might be a bit complicated


Here’s a system I use for something sort-of similar. Use this idea for your icons. Things to note:

  1. The pink dot is is named TakenTest
  2. The yellow square is named NumberPlaceHolder. It has an boolean instance variable named Taken
  3. The number is named Text_number


I click on a number, and it moves into the left most square that is not occupied. I do it with these events:

I guess this should work, thank you for your help :smiley: