If you are going to post a screenshot to help noobs, please explain what each action is called so we can search for it inside Gdevelop

I have looked over this forum many times for help as a lurker but a good chunk of the time people just post screenshots of their visual code as answers to a noob’s question. But I as a zero coding experience noob don’t know what half the event icons are still. Or more importantly there are icons that share many actions and i don’t know which one to pick. Then sometimes in older posts it’s a picture of an older Gdevelop build where the icon or wording changed as well but people point to it as an answer. So i have no idea what key words to look up to repeat these results people are posting.

There is a great search function built into the program, but i never know what words to search for. I know this is one of the most noob friendly app development programs but it’s community is not the best at explaining things. So i ask again with all sincerity for noobs like me, please type out the names of event icons you post along with screenshots. Thank you and sorry for ranting.