If you click help in the extensions tab it returns a 503 link

I just tested this out.
It seems to work fine for me (the button is at the bottom of the extension list for me)

I am sorry you are dealing with this but in the meantime have you tried this:

*Have you tried selecting help in a new project? Does this happen to all projects?
*Have you updated to the most recent GDevelop update?
*Have you close/open GDevelop?
*Have you uninstalled + reinstalled GDevelop?
*Have you updated/restarted your device?

If you have done all these things and the bug still persists, then I hope a moderator can take a look at this.

-Cheers c:

Are you using the latest version of GDevelop?
I cannot find this button in v154.

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Tested again after the update v5.1.155, url is the same maybe it was a server problem.
It works now, thanks @H0ndredEx @Gruk