Ignore <<wait>> command when skipping clipped text with Yarn

I’m using the dialogue tree/yarn extension for my game, and would like to know if there is a way to complete the entire line of scrolling clipped text while also ignoring a <> command that has been called in the Yarn node.

Currently, the action “Complete clipped text scrolling” in events only completes the clipped text to until where the <> command is called in the yarn node, and then still stops momentarily to let the command complete before resuming the text scroll. (The effect is more obvious when using longer times like <<wait 1000>> for a full second.)
Additionally, the clipped text also will not skip “properly” in this case, and displays the first letter of the very first word after the <> command while it’s waiting (which of course just doesn’t look nice).

It’d be a lot of help if there was a way to ignore the <> command and instead complete the entire line.

(Alternatively, if this isn’t possible with Yarn’s base functions, I’d like to know if there’s a way to create a custom “text wait/pause” command that can bypass this issue.)