Ignoring jumpthru platform if on ladder / ladder under the platform

Hi again

If I’m going down a ladder and there is a platform, it should ignore the platform and let me pass
tho I do have idea for this:
if on ladder, disable behaviour of platform
(I sadly cannot test it out rn, would be apprisiated if someone could confirm)

Pretty much this, but instead of crouching, I should be able to like, get on the ladder and ignore the platform
no idea for fix there

@StS_PL , use separate objects for the platform object and a tile sprite with the image of the platform. Have them on separate layers, so you just hide the layer with the platform objects on it, and show the tile sprite objects :

For example, here’s the platform object that the player character collides with. This is on a layer that is hidden at the beginning of the scene :

and here is the image, that’s just a plain tiled sprite, no collision for the player . It’s on a layer that’s not hidden :

and the two layer both visible in the editor :

I still need to be able to stand on the platform normally through

What do you mean that? The green box is the platform. Line it up with the platform image. Then it’ll look like the character is walking on the platform.

Where it overlaps the ladder, use the following (I’ve turned off default controls):

When I get home I can screenshot my events, but basically I do this:

Player is on ground (or whatever)
Player is on ladder
Down Arrow pressed

Turn off platform behavior
Wait .1 seconds
Turn on platform behavior

EDIT: take a look at this: Stairs problem: climbing up, and down - #8 by beanmatt

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yeah the way from the link worked, thank you so much