I'm Sorry.

I’m sorry for repeating things.
I’m sorry for asking so many questions.
I think I’m gonna take a break from GDevelop for a while.

No offence but how many times you want to ask the same questions again?
Since you shown up on the forum you keep asking how to walk around a square platform, how to walk around a circle platform and how to walk on celling and walls. This is like the 7th topic you open to ask the same. Seriously dude… We already give you solutions best to our knowledge, just because you are not happy with our answer or solutions opening a new topic to ask the same questions again and again makes no different you know. :astonished:
The question is already answered so why don’t you just reply to one of your old topics and explain why the solution didn’t work for you, what have you tried instead of just ask the same again :confused:

Seriously, it seems to me you are just waiting for someone to solve it for you and give you the solution on a golden plate that you can just copy-paste as you never mention what have you tried but keep asking the question “how” :angry: