images folder and question on linux patch

i have problem on image folder, i load project in win and linux, but in linux the folder of images not is saved, the question is:
how i active relative path for load images?
the second
i have downloaded gdlinuxpached2, there are other patches after that? i have problem in linux with intel gma segmentation fault, weigh > 1
, but with the same ,video card,not in windows…
thanxs great program
1 i have see examples, the extension common dialogs solve my first question
no not is this not solved, why, the games in examples ,recognize the folder in automatic?

Are you using the proprietary drivers ? What distro ?

You can save your project in “portable mode” (item under “Save as…”), but it simply copies all pictures and resources in the same folder as the project, allowing GD to use the relative paths. But, in other cases, we can’t use relative paths… It would be a good idea to implement this feature.

lool thanx

disto is opensuse 12.1, for intel gma i know only mesa, i find for proprietary drivers
PS i have try with ubuntu 12 first, but same segmentation fault

SFML, the multimedia library used by Game Develop, uses OpenGL and has some problems with the integrated chipsets (which are not real graphic cards like Nvidia or ATI). It can cause the bug. But it’s strange that it doesn’t happen on Windows.