Images never load in html5 Export :(

Everything works great except the images. I can’t find any image when I open my “index.html” in my browser.

[same goes for every single game]

[not related to the issue]
And recently my Gdevelop got uninstalled for no reason. :expressionless:

Try keeping the resources(images) being used are in the same directory as the .json file.

Change the paths of every asset to load from that project location.

Still not working after turning on “always loaded”
also not working after exporting at the same location where is .json file.

Is you local export works perfectly @Nilarjun ?

I just tried to export a game to a local folder, no issues on my side, all images are here:

In which folder are you trying to export?

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My images are also in the folder but they don’t show up on the browser.

I’m exporting the file to the main folder where my game json is located.

Yes @RIR360 I recently uploaded a browser game for It worked perfectly for me :thinking:

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Look at this 50 second clip:

Chrome won’t play games that are exported locally because of security reasons (no local files allowed). You have to upload your game online on a server to have it running :slight_smile:

You’re not the first to make this mistake, I’ve added a warning in GDevelop:


For Chrome I would recommend this web server:

Pretty easy to use and setup. Just open it after install, select the game folder as the source, run the server then choose open in browser.

Alternatively you can also open games locally in Firefox but you may don’t get the same performance.


Thanks a lot abrahim

oh, I see…thanks…



The game looks awesome!

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Indeed! Did you manage to magnify the scope in the end?

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No…Actually I didn’t continue with it. But now I do have some ideas for that.