Imaging Trouble

Alright, so the last update fixed the dragging problem. But I have an odd problem with this image here:

It doesn’t show up in the scene and when I open it in the sprite editor, I can’t scroll through it within the center preview.

Correction, this seem to be a problem with all large images, is there something I’m missing?

What is your graphic card? Some old graphics card may not support large images but, usually, everything should remains ok as long as the images are below the size of 1024*1024.

Radeon HD 6870 I am using the web platform. Also, it seems the web platform won’t load anything properly with the last release. I am even getting problems with the web demo.

When testing a game, press CTRL+F5 to clear the cache and refresh the page. This ensure that all images are reloaded.

You mean examples/templates ?
I’ve just opened some templates with the latest version and launched them without getting problems. :neutral_face: