Implementing mobile pinch/zoom camera control

I’ve been looking through the forums and Wiki for any guides on implementing pinch and zoom functionality for mobile users, but haven’t been able to find anything.

Does anyone have any guidance (or even an example project they could share) on how to implement it?
I experimented with the Multitouch condition stack, but can’t make head or tail the input positioning rules!

Edit: I’m guessing it’s possible that such documentation exists in the French community archives, but Google Translate didn’t turn up anything. Having said that, I don’t completely trust Google Translate :laughing:

Nothing in the French part.
To do this, I think I’d do it that way:
Create two objects “Finger1” and “Finger2” with the moveable behavior.
Take the distance between the two normalize it and multiply the result by the zoom of the camera.

Rien dans la partie Française.
Pour faire ça je pense que je ferais comme ça :
Créer deux objets “Finger1” and “Finger2” avec le comportement déplacable.
Prendre la distance entre les deux la normaliser et multiplié le résultat par le zoom de la caméra.

Translate with deepl more powerful :wink: