In other scenes, the background moves fine, but in scene 1, the background only moves when MC jumps

Here is the link to my game, it seems like the background only updates when the MC jumps. Idk why but other scenes have bg run well. please tell me what can I do. thank you

You’ve given us scant amount of information to work with. What scene is that snippet of code for? How does it differ the the other scene? Are you using the same code for all scenes; i.e. are you using external events? Or has each scene got it’s own movement code?

I use this same code for all the scenes in my game (gameplay scenes). each scene got its own. I just copy and paste the events here. do you by chance know what causes it to only move when I jump? thank you

No idea, other than that the code for the first scene must differ from the others in some way and place. I strongly suggest you refactor your events, and place those that are the same across all the scenes into external events and link to them from each scene. This will remove the difference between the first and other scenes.

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ok i will try
thank you