In these senses, is Gdevelop really free? [SIMPLE] (game example / ready-made templatestemplate)

A very simple question, could you help me?
It’s about my final product generated in GDevelop 5. It’s more to confirm if I interpreted the information correctly, and to help others too:
1- If I take a free ready-made templates or a free game example, for example, this one: (Platformer - a game example from the GDevelop game making app | GDevelop) and change it, but make my game make based on it, etc. I own the game, right? In the sense that I can sell it, register it, etc. It’s mine?
2- What if it is a paid template (example: Fruit Stack Master - a premium game template for GDevelop. | GDevelop) or a paid game? Will the final product with my changes be mine too? (So I can sell, register, etc.)

Sorry for my lack of knowledge on this part.
Thank you very much.

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For free templates, yes absolutely. They are MIT licensed.

For paid templates, they each have their own licenses listed on their template page as far as I know, but generally yes, although you don’t gain rights to resell the template itself or template name.

Note that the templates themselves aren’t the GDevelop engine itself, so their availability or reuse rights do not have anything to do with whether GDevelop is free or not.

Um… Alright.
Little by little I’m understanding. Thank you very much for your response :smile: