Increase scroll speed in Yarn Dialogues

Good day, I’m new to GDevelop and would like to create dialogues in my top-down RPG game. Would there be a way for me to create dialogues by interacting with NPCs by pressing a button, increase the scroll speed of the text by pressing the same button again, move to next line of the dialogue by pressing the same button again, and end the dialogue with the NPC by pressing the same button? All in all, a lot of actions will be done with a single button in the dialogue. Thanks.

Isn’t it how it is done in the example project?
From memory, I’d say everything is triggered by the z key.
Check out the example, it’s called “Dialogue tree” I think.

I tried checking out the project but I can’t seem to understand anything so I was wondering if someone could at least point out what to do or what steps should I take. Thanks though, appreciate the reply:smile::smile::smile:

This starts the dialogue:

This moves to next line and adjusts the speed:

This ends the dialogue:

Now give it a try on your project, and share a screenshot of your events when you get stuck. And feel free to read the wiki page :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. I was really lost in looking at the project and doesn’t know where to start :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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