Increased resource consumption since update 5.2.171

I’ve noticed that the game I’m working on now consumes a lot more resources when running, after the 5.2.171 update. The consumption of the “objects (pre-events)” and “objects (post-events)” sections in the debugger profiler seems very high when previewing from PC (double and even triple the previous values). I was working a lot on the optimization section and I was still not completely satisfied with the results but I had made good progress that cost me a lot of effort, however now it works even worse. The total milliseconds are well above the values ​​I was getting.
On the other hand, when using GDevelop’s debugger profiler on PC while previewing from a cell phone over Wifi/LAN, there is an impressive lag (dropping fps from 50-60 to 30), resulting in a huge Increased milliseconds spent on the previously mentioned items “objects (pre-events)” and “objects (post-events)”.
I don’t understand what the note refers to that the games created with this version will not work in previous versions of GDevelop. I have saved a few small changes after updating to this version, before seeing these errors. Does it mean that if I uninstall this version and install the previous one, everything I’ve done won’t work anymore?

That’s how I read it.

I’ve only used the new version a little. I had to download it manually. I had to update Windows and I think Gdevelop was updating when my PC restarted. Bc afterwards, the app wasn’t fully installed.

Yes, that is correct. Opening a project in the new version updates many event actions and conditions to new iterations that do not exist in prior versions. Once you’ve saved even once, the project is no longer compatible with prior versions. The only way to go back would be to restore a prior version of your project, assuming you backed it up as the warning stated.

Without a backup, there is no going back.

In practice, if you’ve not done any or not a lot of changes (i.e: not used any actions/conditions from the new version), your project will still work with previous versions.

Milliseconds value depends on the time your profiling is spending. Is there a large change in the percentage of time spent in each section?

Thank you for reporting this issue. The issue should be fixed in the next released.

Thanks for the answers. I haven’t changed things about events and conditions, I’m going to save a copy now just in case.

Mainly in the pre-events and post-events sections. The total milliseconds spent is increased by these.

Ok, thank you all.

I have been able to reinstall version 5.2.169 and it works normally, I will be waiting for the next update. Something that I have been noticing (not typical of this 5.2.171 update but since before) is that the consumption of resources is not constant. My intention is that my game works correctly on cell phones (which implies deepening the performance), and on a low-medium range cell phone it works between 50 and 59 FPS. In any case, I notice many small jumps, it is not a constant lag but frequent small jumps that generate a feeling of poor stability. When using a PC this is not noticeable because it has more processing power, but I do notice it on a cell phone.
During the game there are no changes in terms of the actions that are executed, there is nothing that modifies the use of resources (there are no events other than the ones that are being executed), however these small jumps occur (even removing events that normally use up resources in the game). When using the profiler, when taking multiple analysis frames, the millisecond values ​​are as per what I need, however, when doing short analysis, I sometimes notice that all sections of the profiler consume a little more resources (pre-events, post-events, rendering, all event groups, callbacks, etc.), either on PC or mobile. It’s like a total percentage of all items will increase, so it also rules out the idea that specific events are causing these jumps. Even removing the most resource-consuming mechanics, this still happens.
All this is considering the versions of 5.2.169 or previous.