Initialise a variable once that I can edit?

I load json into a global variable as part of an event - That bit i’m all good with.

What I then want to do is load a number from that variable into a separate variable, that I can then increment or reduce accordingly.

I keep attempting to do a trigger_once but it just doesn’t work.

If I set no criteria? It loads, but constantly and won’t let me modify it (as it just keeps loading over the top of it).

Any thoughts/ideas? What am I missing?

Set the value of the separate variable straight after you’ve loaded the JSON into the global variable; an action in the same event.

It seemed the answer was in fact, to allow for a delay.

I implemented an arbitrary 1 second delay from importing the json to a global variable, then updating the other variables with a trigger_once statement and all is well.

I’m sure there are better ways by setting booleans to true on successful import I guess.