InputValidation extension's "RemoveNewLines" option is not working

Hello :slight_smile:

InputValidation extension’s “RemoveNewLines” option is not working.

Please, fix it.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Please elaborate. How are you using it, what is happening, what did you expect to happen instead, and please post a simple project file dedicated to replicating the issue.

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I’m using it to clear user input.

@Jamol, you’ve shown how you are using it. But you haven’t indicated what is happening (or not happening) and what you expect.

Also, does InputValidation::RemoveNewLines(getInput.String()) work?

Note that it works fine on the leaderboards example, where it is also used.

No, no… it’s not working there too.
Yes, it’s working, but because of InputValidation::ToAlphanumerical(UsernameInput.String()) function!

If You remove this InputValidation::ToAlphanumerical(UsernameInput.String()) function and use only InputValidation::RemoveNewLines(UsernameInput.String()) it doesn’t work!

I need only user input cleared from “new lines”, I need only one line user input. I don’t need “ToAlphanumerical” function. That InputValidation::RemoveNewLines(UsernameInput.String()) function must replace every new lines to described in its description. But it is not working.

I made my own way to clear “new lines” based on press “Return” key. It is working fine, but it can handle only main “Return” (Enter) key only. If user presses NumpadEnter key it doesn’t work.
Because, in GDevelop there is not condition to check press “NumpadEnter” key…

That’s why I created another topic to “Feature Request” category about “Add NumpadEnter key support”: “Return” key condition must work for NumpadEnter key too or add another condition to check NumpadEnter key apartly.