Install path on local drive , school environment


I work in a B-12 school and we’ve been using Gdevelop-4 for a while. Our staff and students are interested in using Gdevelop-5, however the installer automatically saves to “AppData\Local\Programs\gdevelop”.

Due to security permissions on our network this would mean installing it per user per device. As we’re not 1-to-1 on devices, this is an issue.

Are there any install switches we can use to install to all users? Any issues with just copying the directory over? Each user has a shared drive for personal storage where projects are saved on creation, it’s just the installer itself holding us up swapping over.

You need read about this @4ian

hi you can use 7zip (or WinRAR or similar) open the exe and decompress wherever you want it works.
I also found missing and option to select install path.
The only problem is if it automatically upgrades will go to the default path again


The solution of uncompressing using 7zip or similar as suggested by @xisco should work. You can then store it anywhere - and potentially deactivate auto updates (though in this case, make sure to read about new versions).

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Cheers all, good to know this is all it needs.

I’ll look to pushing it out this way later in the week.

All looks like it is working via 7zip on the .exe, and then extracting “app-64.7z” on my test machine. Should now have a happier teacher when I can deploy it.

Where are settings written to? Can’t find any reg entry or file change in the usual directories on a quick check.

Maybe an ini file or similar I moved it from one folder to another and it looked the same to me

Unfortunately moving folders does not work across devices, leading me to believe it is saved elsewhere.

Guess I just needed the weekend, found the file I wanted. Thanks all.


set line 5 as: CheckUpdate=false

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The solution provided here (unpack the installer) has been useful but does not seem to be working on our system. Has there been any consideration to an “install for all users” option in the installer?