Interesting difference between windows/linux versions

I wouldn’t necessarily classify this as a bug, just a difference I noticed.

I set up a samba share under my local network to facilitate cooperation on projects. With the linux version, it works perfect, just the way you would imagine it would. There is some loading lag when previewing a project from the network drive, but I think that’s to be expected.

The windows version, on the other hand, for some reason can’t use assets in the samba shared folder from within the gdevelop program. They have to be copied from the shared folder to a local folder for gdevelop to access them.

I don’t know if this is because of the way windows handles permissions differently, or if it could be something else. I just thought it was worth reporting in case someone else had a similar idea.

Inside GDevelop, go to the Resources tab and check if the paths are colored in yellow/orange/red.
Perhaps a problem of converting forward slashes to backward slashes?

Hightly possible! Can you verify @fitkoh ?

Check if you can import a file from the shared folder inside gdevelop, if this works thats mean the persmission from windows are good.

Unfortunately I’m unable to confirm this right now. I’m a linux user since the 90s. I had a guest visiting when I discovered the issue. If you want to leave this thread open I’ll try and remember next time my friend pays me a visit to check.

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Sure, take you time :slight_smile: