Internet connectivity extension (Bug ?)

Hello everybody.

I use the extension Internet connectivity and It doesn’t work for me.

Can someone tell me if what I did is correct ??

Because when I turn off my internet connection I have the result “You are online”

Thank you

It work fine to me.

Are you sure to have disabled internet?

Thank you for your answer.

Yes I’m sure ^^ I turn on the fly mode. And I can’t go on the internet.

Im on a laptop with a wifi connection.

This is a screenshot from the extension :

The extension work fine.
The extension check if you are connected to any networks, not specifically to the internet.

I also have the same probleme when I’m testing on my smartphone, with all connection disabled (fly mod). So I suppose the probleme is from me… :pensive:

If anybody have a solution to check if there is a connection internet It would be very apreciated ^^

Edit : Just add some screen to show you what I mean

I got different results.

Fly mode on, wifi on

Fly mode on, wifi off

For me fly mode shutdown the calls and sms only.

According the documentation of the browser API, it doesn’t return the same result on devices and browser…
You can still try to make a request to an URL and see the errors, if you get an error you are probally offline, just think to not trigger your request at 60fps.

What a pitty it doesnt work for me :pensive:

Anyway thank you for your help!

“You can still try to make a request to an URL” Yes I’m gonna try that :slight_smile: