Introducing: videotas


my intention when registering to this forums was first of all saying “merci beaucoup” for releasing this impressive tool.
The idea of creating something and being able to publish it without licensing issues regarding the engine is very appealing.

Over the last few month I developed several coding ideas in theory, which means I (mostly) know how to program them using Basic.
This is a good chance to try and learn something new like GD I think.

I still have to learn very much - especially I have to change my way of thinking, so I can understand the ideas and techniques of GD’s object oriented approach of coding.

As english is still a foreign language to me, I can only promise to try to enter my posts into the correct forum board and I hope to always match the right tone - if not: please help me to improve.

Best regards


welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:


Welcome and good luck! :slight_smile: