Invulnerable after taking damage

After feedback from my last game I would like to add that if player is hit they are invulnerable for something like 2 seconds.
And also how can you make the platform character flash for 2 seconds am I right in thinking that you can use the particle event ?

Thanks for any help

Hi, there is an extension “flash” that does exactly what you want. You can also use the flashing as condition for making your player invulnerable.


Thank you It will be a lot easier using an extension than trying to do it myself.

A quick question do you have to install extension for all projects or are they installed into Gdevelop itself

The flash extension has to be installed in your project. You go to Project manager (the single icon on the left side of the editor), click ‘Functions/Behaviors’ and then ‘Create or Search for a new extensions’.

In the ‘Search for New Extensions’ window you can scroll through all available extensions or search them. In case of the flash extension, after installation, you need to connect it in behaviors to the objects that you want to have the flash behavior (e.g. your player). And then you are ready to use it in the events.

And of course you should change animation while the player is invulnerable.