IOS: Game music audio wont stop when changing scenes

Testing out some audio on my game and on PC the music from one scene will stop and the new music for another scene will start when the new scene begins.

When I test this on an iphone however the music does not stop from one scene to another and it all bleeds together.

I checked my scene settings and they are set to stop the music but am unsure of what else to check or fix.

are you using “play a music” actions or “play a sound” actions?

“play a music” actions are deprecated and weird i think.

I am using the “play a music” but didn’t realize it was deprecated. I will try updating it to “play a sound” tonight to see if that fixes it for iPhone Browsers.

perhaps deprecated isn’t the right word? i dunno. i always use play a sound but i also never tried anything on an iphone or any smartphone.

Whats funny is that I actually read that article because thats where I saw that you could set the scene setting where you can stop the audio but missed seeing " issues with looping sound files" if using the “play a music”.