Is a 2d RPG possible using tilesets?

Hi, I’ve recently started using GDevelop 5 and I’m loving it so far. As part of a Humble Bundle I got access to some different game assets and theres one pack that I would really like to try and use. It’s the Omega Modern Graphics Pack and I’m not sure if GDevelop could support that sort of thing but I’m hopeful since I saw an isometric example on GDevelop. The different file options are 1x, GamemakerStudio2, MV and MX. Is there anyway to convert them to something usable in GDevelop or would I be wasting my time?
Sorry if anything is written incorrectly or formatted badly.

You can use a software like tiled to create maps using those tilesets and export it to a png to use as normal sprite in GDevelop. Tilemaps support is planned so you can also save the Tiled file for when it is added to GDevelop.

Thanks, I’ll look into that.