Is GD really stable in Linux?

Hi, i have a question, before full try GD, i wanna know if this project is really profesional, really usable in linux? i try it a few time in Ubuntu 12.04 64b, and i was a lot of problems, first: to run it i have tu install ia32 libs, next i have to install g++ multilib…
Every think right, the GD runs, but i cant compilling a game, just i get a 2 files that i cant executing, i dont know, its just a personal test, i wanna know your experience in GD.

First make sure that you have the latest version.

Now there is a small script that display the needed package if something is missing when you launch Game Develop.
Anyway, these packages are necessary ( to compile native games ) and this is the normal process.

Note that if you only use the HTML5 games, you won’t suffer from missing packages or failed compilation: As long as you are able to run Game Develop, you’ll be able to create and export HTML5 games without problems. :slight_smile:
Native games are a bit more tricky as some compilation issues can arise if packages are missing.