Is it ok to put minimum FPS at 30?

Putting the minimum at 30 fps eliminated 70% of the stutter on a weak pc but the game feels a bit like slow motion in heavy places, Why is that?
I’d like to know more about this minimum and maximum fps option … is that vsync?
Thanks for any help as always…



The setting cannot turn a “weak” pc into a better one. :slight_smile:


@Gruk no I don’t mean it turns it into a better one but like it’s saying … the game is slowed down and with that it’s kinda more playable than having stutter every second.
But I mean no harm if I put it at 30 right?

To my understanding (and I could be wrong) say if you set the Minimum 30 fps and the Maximum 31 fps then it means the game would always be running around the 30 fps because the min and max are almost the same. Otherwise if you have Minimum 30 fps, and Max 60, then the game will always try to reach the 60 fps level, but it could slow down anywhere to 30fps depending on how much activity is on screen. So it has 30 fps amount of possible frame-rate variation which could cause the stutter (the difference between 30fps and 60fps = 30fps… the difference between 30fps and 31fps = 1fps).

No harm except for the slowdown you noticed. :slight_smile: