Is it possible devs to pay attention on textures' glitching?

All textures flutter and glitch. Right now it’s the most annoying problem in 3d Gdevelop. Average player used to see good looking textures without such bugs. While this problem have been existing for more than half a year already.

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This is not a bug, it has been improved over time in the history of 3D games by mipmapping.

One question: does the texture in the resource tab have its box checked for “Smooth the image”?

I’ve tried everything including what you are talking about. A kind of solution that i’ve found is changing Gdevelop 3d box to planes from Blender. You can clearly see the difference in this video. An object that is close to me is Glb file from Blender while the other one is just Gdevelop 3d with glitched textures.