Is it possible to copy/paste a project to create a new project?

I’m making a second game that is a variation of my first game. Would it be possible to copy/paste the project’s folder in Windows, then open the project and edit the game and its details to create the second game? Or is that going to cause a conflict?

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Hi, as you said, you can copy the folder and work on the copied project. This will be just another project file and there is no conflict with the original project. To avoid any kind of problems it is always a good idea to have a backup of your files in the cloud and/or a different storage device.

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The easiest way is just pressing Ctrl + Shift + S (Save as shortcut) and saving anywhere else

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So, everything seems to be working fine with both games, except the Game Dashboard. When I change the details for one game, it changes them for both games. How do I separate the two? Do I need to unpublish and republish to or something?

Hi Nicronon, this drove me crazy and I really don’t even want to think about it but there could be something helpful here. But if there is a simple answer then that would be better.

Thanks, Bubble, but the only place the old project name is mentioned in my JSON is here:

Do you think putting the new project’s name there will work and not hurt anything? That line does seem to be a problem, as when I look at my projects and builds, they only show Contagion Z and not the new project.

I have the same path for both my versions for “latestCompilationDirectory”. If you change it then it will be changing to something that doesn’t actually exist?

I looked at the jsons of my two versions and the name and projectUuid are different as is the package name which I think was done in properties.

Yes, it is possible. It is important that all assets are in the project folder, so that you can edit them without impacting the original project.

I never did figure this out. I copy/pasted the folder, changed all the details everywhere I could, and while I have two separate projects, the games dashboard is still shared between the two. If I make a change to one, it changes the other. I just unpublished one, and it unpublished the other.

This has caused me so much extra work. Copy/pasting back and forth. I accidentally unpublish, then republish, I build for Android, then realize it has the wrong info, I change the info, rebuild, then screw up my other game when I build…

What I think was the key point for my success in my linked post was this:

  • Unpublish the game
  • Change the projectUuid (I added a number) in the json file
  • Republish game

I didn’t actually want to publish the second game so I stopped there and finally had two separate games. But if you try it, then the final step for you would be then publish the other game that still has the original projectUuid. Or something like that, maybe vice versa.

I’ve searched the json file for “projectUuid”, and it’s not there.

I checked in a new project in case naming had changed, but it’s the same. The pic shows the start of the text, so “properties” is almost at the top.