Is it possible to create P2P Joining scene with THNK framework

Hi, I’m trying to create a multiplayer game using the THNK framework. I’m using the example from @arthuro555 - a server and client quick start scene works fine. But when I try to create a joining room scene it doesn’t work as expected. The server runs but the client doesn’t.

Here’s the example of joining room:

Screen Recording 2565-09-30 at 13.08.25

You do not need to connect the clients yourself - the “connect to P2P server” action takes care of that for you already :sunglasses:.
You cannot connect to the server if it doesn’t run already, the server probably hasn’t finished starting up when you call the client connection action.

What I’d recommend to do is to make a separate scene for server and client connection instead of combining them in one, and when switching to the server connection scene,to start it as a THNK server to begin with. When the client then connects from the client connection scene, you can switch scenes to the main game on the server (THNK will automatically switch the scene on the clients too)