Is it possible to create this mechanic with GDevelop?

Hi guys, before I begin, please pardon me if my English sucks. It’s not my first language.

I created this diagram to better explain how the game mechanic I had in mind works (no, the game has nothing to do with bell peppers, I just ran out of ideas lol)

How the mechanic work is, these objects will randomly spawn from one side at a time, moving across the game screen; acting as an obstacle. It goes from up to down, down to up, left to right, right to left in a completely random manner. That means, in every gameplay, these objects spawn from different position sequence but the motion remains is the same.

And it’s an endless game where the objects will progressively move faster.

So, my question is, is it possible to program/code this mechanic? I am very very new at GDevelop and have completely 0 coding experience.
If it’s possible, can you assist me in coding this mechanic? Your help is greatly appreciated.

Sure, you can do that.
Follow some tutorials to learn your way around GDevelop, and you’ll figure it out yourself in no time. :wink:


Thanks :blush:
Are there any video tutorials particular to this type of programming you know about? I’d be grateful if you could drop a link or two.

I’ve been watching quite a number of tutorials and unfortunately, there are not many out there that covers timed and random “RNG” type mechanics. And I found out that the devs updated the software’s time system to no longer trigger automatically, so now I’m wondering if it’s still possible to do this.

Sure, you just need to trigger the timer start yourself.

I’m not sure you’ll find such specific tutorials, but all you need is to understand how to use the software in general.
Then, consider this mechanic of yours in terms of how the software works, meaning “When this, do that”: conditions (of position, of number of objects, etc.) and actions (create object, move object, delete object, etc.)
For the random parts, you’ll use the random functions as described here:

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Here are a couple of things you might want to look at to help you get started:

  • create an object
  • force/angle on the object
  • random in range (to create randomly within certain X/Y coordinates)
  • delete when off-screen
  • a variable that keeps time and increases the force when time is greater

Hope that helps get you started!


Oh yes! This helped a lot especially when it comes to searching for the tools needed in the events! Thank you ^w^

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you can try this example project here GDevelop 5

the concept is the same where the zombies are the bell peppers and you lose when touching them.