is object flipped condition

It would be amazing if there is a way to check (condition) if an object is flipped or not.
I tend to use that for crouching logic and sometimes even to determine if the player is facing an enemy or not. Or is the enemy facing the player.

So it works like that:
is player x> enemy x (to check on which side of the player is the enemy)
is player flipped
is enemy flipped ( te check if they are facing each other)

This is useful for a platformer stealth game.
I am pretty much trying to recreate a stealth game mechanic I was working on in construct2

I guess this is no biggie, I could store the state in a variable anyway :slight_smile:

There is a condition in Sprite ==> Effects for both flipped modes (horizontally and vertically flipped) :wink:

Also there is à search box if you do not know where to find à condition or action :slight_smile:

ah sorry. I couldnt find it for some reason :smiley: