Is there a built in way to screen record the gameplay window?

I want to screen record just the gameplay window (it’s a vertical game for phones), but on my PC from within GD. Is there a built in way to do that, or will I have to use screen recording software?

I tried OBS, but for some reason, it refuses to record the gameplay window.
I assume there isn’t something built into GD, but I figured I’d ask just in case. I have tried some other methods after obs, and so far nothing is working.

No it’s not built in, I use OBS for that and it works.

It just shows a blank screen for the game play for some reason when I use OBS. :frowning:
When I select any other window to record it shows it just as in your example. But as soon as I select the game preview window, it just shows a blank grey screen.

Since it works for you, I suppose this is more of a question for OBS tech support. At least now I know it should work.

OBS works for me too. I have used it a few times to record me running Gdevelop itself and games made with Gdevelop.
I have never tried it, but there is also another libre software that says it can screen record, you could try it as an alternative to OBS