Is there a server cache?

I’m sending a GET request to a local server and getting back a JSON reply, which i’m then able to parse and address each element with structure. Only, its not changing/updating with the server. (one of the values is a timer and the one in gdevelop isn’t updating).

I’ve attempted clearing the variables that the get populates as well as the parsed variable, but I’m still getting and parsing old information that seems to be from a cache of some kind.

I’m on macos using the preview and the server is local - if that would cause anything weird. I’ve tried sending server requests that have been successfully updating variables on the server and in the json file if i request it from a web browser, but I’m missing something… any ideas? Thanks!

Probably should have clarified that the server request is triggered by a button press for testing.

I found a kind of solution. If i add an arbitrary number at the end of my request, I will get a unique reply, but the requests ending in that number will be “cached” and that request will always give me the value from that point in time. I don’t know enough about server gets and apis to say whether this is a bug, a feature, an incompatibility between gdevelop and the server i’m using… or something stupidly obvious that I really should have known.

You can control how it is cached through Cache Control Headers (Server side)