Is there a way to connect G-Develop to 3D frameworks like Babyon.js, Coppercube etc?

Since G-Develop is made from Javascript and since there are no real plans to make G-Develop 3D, I was wondering since G-Develop is extendable, does anybody know if there’s a way to connect G-Develop to frameworks like Babylon js if I want to put some 3D sections in my game.

For example, my game starts off 2D using G-Develop, but for the 3D parts, it could use an already existing framework such as Babylon js, and then go back to G-Develop and continue in 2D.

Would anybody know how to go about doing this?

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I suggest you to watch this playlist: Tutorial on how to change the animation of a 3D sprite depending on the direction toward the camera. - YouTube