Is there a way to have an object's height automatically go up instead of down?

When you use an action to set (or in my case, tween) and object’s height property, the changes apply downward. In order to have a vertical health bar or something like that, you have to scale it and reposition it to where you want it. This is a pain and I have no way around it. Is there any possible way to increase the height upward by default? I would have screenshots but, like, they wouldn’t show anything related to the problem.

I tested this and confirmed your problem of it increasing the height down instead of up. However I was able to fix this by setting the origin point of the sprite to the bottom of the image, instead of the top:


Then it worked as expected:

Peek 2022-08-17 12-17


Thanks so much! I had a feeling it would be something with the origin point.