Is there anyone that would want to help me?

OK, so…

I’m a 3d animator, musician (with many other skills). The thing is, as hard as I have tried, over and over, I just cannot get my head into game development. Yes, I’ve had some very basic success (with Godot mainly), but, realistically, it is a string that I just cannot attach to my bow. A bridge too far.

So… I need someone to work with, because I have an absolute stellar concept, some awesome graphics and a steadily building audience who seem to want a game from what I am producing as a youtube series. I’m quickly approaching a thousand subs in the space of a month without any advertising or promotion. I’ve already hit 75,000 views and had over a thousand hours of viewing in that time too. Heck, they like it so much, they are actively promoting it for me (which is amazing). So I’m not coming to the table empty handed with just some wild idea and asking someone to do all the work.

Why here with Gdev? Well, I have been playing about with the engine all day (and only discovered it yesterday through GamesFromScratch YT channel)), and I think it is probably quite capable of putting this game together quite quickly and well. Also, perhaps there is someone here who would like to get a quality game under their belt.

Who are you (what am i looking for?)
Well, everything I am doing for the youtube channel is made in my own time (of which I am putting a lot in). I am doing all of this on zero budget. That said, it probably won’t be too long before I am eligible for monetisation on the platform, but I’m not expecting that to make tonnes of money for a while (well, not through YT adverts etc). But I am wanting to monetise the work, and a game would be one of the best ways to do that, along side the usual merch etc.

So I am looking for someone who is skilled enough to know that they have a mind for game development, but perhaps are still wanting to get really good through this process.
So you’re learning, but you aren’t a novice, and you perhaps think that with a little luxury of time, you know you can get really good. (All of my skills I have learned myself over 25-30 years and so I understand and support people who are wanting to do something with their life off their own back).

Or maybe you are getting pretty good at it in your spare time, but you’re stuck in a rubbish day job and want to get into game development. This game might open doors, or maybe even offer the possibility of setting up a small studio.

Who knows, maybe you already do it full time and this interests you anyway. I really don’t mind… so long as there is a passion there, and the creative process is more important to you than money. I want to work with someone who I get along with.

Whoever you are, in the same way that I am not being paid for my work currently (on Youtube), I can’t pay you either. This would be an equal partnership with the idea of actually making some money together if we can do a good job.

And I’ll be straight with you, if we can make this game how I imagine it, I think we can do that very thing. I also think that development time wouldn’t be too extensive. This is why I think it could be achieved by someone looking to do it in their spare time potentially.

Maybe in return, perhaps you have a great idea for another game that I can add my skills to afterwards and develop a working relationship. I believe in fairness, and am happy to split any money made 50/50.
I don’t really care about money all that much, but we all need to live. This is really about passion and enjoyment of creating.

I’m looking for someone who is relaxed, has a sense of humour and just enjoys the creative process (but has the discipline to work reasonably hard at what they do).

Now, I know how this kind of request can sound… over the years I’ve had many. But usually, it is a one way street, and the other party bring nothing to the table other than an idea (and then want me to do all the work). That isn’t so here. If graphics/sound/music aren’t your strongest point, then maybe we could do something great with powers combined!

Oh, and just to clarify, this would be a 2D game, not 3D. Who knows, maybe a 3d game can come later. The subject matter may allow for more than one follow up game of a different type if this one goes well.

So, does this interest anyone? If I have you intrigued, then maybe you’d like to check out the youtube channel and the subject matter and think about it. (My email address can be found on the about page of my channel if you wanted to contact me directly, rather than reply here). I’ll get back to anyone who contacts me and answer any questions honestly. Anyways, here are some links for you to look at…

(And I ask that you DONT mention any of this in the comment section of the videos! It would be a surprise for them, and I don’t want to give anything away yet. Many of my subs are kids, and I don’t want them getting too carried away before I’ve even had chance to start proper development, thanks :smiley: )

The following video has been very popular so far…

but if you’d like to visit the channel and watch the playlist for the series so far, visit…

And here is a recent promo pic…

I’d love to hear from anyone, even if it is just with a suggestion as to how to find someone to work with, if you aren’t up for it yourself. And who knows, if non of this interests you from a dev point of view, maybe you’ll just enjoy the videos anyway!

If you made it this far, then many thanks for taking an interest, and more so if you get back to me!


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Hi Otan_Vex, good luck with your quest, I watched one of your videos, very cinematic. I hope you find the right person. You said you achieved a little bit with Godot. I think GDevelop would be easier, so why not give yourself more time to get used to it and make the game yourself? Either way, instead of waiting til you have a finished game to share with your subscribers, you could have your game dev journey of learning, mistakes, progress etc. as part of your channel to help build momentum and interest. Good luck.


Hi Bubble, many thanks!
In all honesty, I just don’t have the time. Animating something like this is more or less a full time thing. More than full time. It’s a huge challenge.

If I was doing nothing else, then perhaps I could learn to program, or use a dev software like Gdevelop. But I need to be realistic. I simply can’t spread myself that thin. Certainly, until I have finished the story, otherwise it will never get finished. I can’t realistically switch gears mid production.

But while there is gaining interest, it’d be nice to know that a game was coming that doesn’t arrive 5 years (i exaggerate a bit) after I’ve finished and no one cares anymore. It would be a waste of time.

I thought Gdev might be approachable enough for me to do it in parallel, but it still comes with a learning curve that is going to suck up too much time. But I can create the graphics for the game in parallel with producing the series.

I do know that what I am asking is tricky. Most people getting into game dev are doing it so that they can bring their own vision to life. I understand that 100%. This collab might only appeal to a small few. But I’m willing to look. In all honesty, I’d rather do it myself (I’ve always wanted to), but I simply, realistically can’t without disrupting all the other things I have to do.

Anyhoo, I really appreciate you taking a look and for the well wishes!
Who knows, maybe someone might come along. What will be will be.
I place my trust in higher things that if it is meant to be, then it’ll happen. If not, then that’s ok too.
Best of luck with your own endeavours!


Do you need an art or music for your game?
I really want to a bit of collab/help someone with a game, but if your looking for someone to do programming, Its not my strongpoint.

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I’m just looking for a programmer really. But thanks