Is this correct?

Ok. I have started to work on the saving and loading a game.

I want to save the currentof each following for the current player:


I have what I think should be right at the bottom of the event page after the player reaches the goal for the level, to continue the player hits the spacebar to go to the next level. When the player hits the spacebar it is supposed to save the values of each above and then move to the next level. I have created a folder in my gome folder C:…/Desktop/Spaceslider/SavedGames/SavedGame1.txt; SavedGame2.txt; etc etc.
In in SavedGame#.txt I have labeled the values differently:

PlayerLives is labeled as Variable101
BonusLives as Variable102
and so on.

SavedGame1.txt (58 Bytes)

I then Preview the level, reach the goal of the first level, game time goes to 0, You win pops up, Hit spacebar to continue. Game then goes to level 2 and I quit the game preview. I open up the SavedGame#.txt file and nothing has saved.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.