IsFalling condition in Physics2 behaviour?

Hello hope my question makes sense.

I’ve been messing around with the physics2 behaviour and it is much more fun and realistic than the character platformer behaviour.

Now, my question is, how do I configure a condition to detect my character is falling so I can make it jump only once?

I tried using the collision detection but this has a small problem: you can “climb” platforms if your character touches the side of a platform.

The condition for “Is Falling” is explicitly for the platformer character behavior. Conditions related to behaviors are exclusive to that behavior.

Outside of that, you cannot combine Physics behaviors with platformer behaviors (or any movement behavior at all), they will not behave well and may cause actual game conflicts (no movement at all, crashes, etc).

I don’t have a lot of experience with the physics behavior, though, so I cannot give you guidance on how to simulate “this is falling”, maybe checking the current vertical speed or speed on an angle.

would you recommend staying away from the physics2 behaviour as long as my game needs a jumping character?

thank you for your answer, it gave me some insight as well.

You could probably use physics just fine, but keep in mind you’ll be building out your own movement logic as part of it.

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Ok I appreciate your help a lot.

Still struggling how to check if my character is falling with the physics2, I would love to understand how to do that if someone could help.