It won't save when gdevelop is running a long time

I tend to keep gdevelop active a whole day. Often it happens that it can not save my work (it turns in white screen and nothing happens). I dont know if somebody else has the same/similar issue ???

Sure if you’re in Windows use some software to regularly clean the RAM, I use Advanced SystemCare to do this but is a paid software you can use this software too Optimizer is Free and open source or this one is Freemium Wise Memory Optiomizer
I do this once per hour, and all good.

thank you,i will try those

My routine:

  • Save project often
  • When I’ve been working for a while in Gdevelop and if there is lots of going back and forth between the codes section and images/sprites section, Gdevelop tends to be taking up a good amount of RAM. If I notice Gdevelop starts to not switching smooth between the different work im doing, I save my work, exit Gdevelop and restart Gdevelop again and all is back to normal :slight_smile:
    -I try to not have many programs running in the background

Maybe not the right way to do it but it works great

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yes I save often (but its annoying). Would it help if I change priority in task manager to for example above normal ?

something odd happened, I edited level (scene) and when I looked at it again it was like before editing, and that happened a couple of times. usually, when that happens I cant save.
now, I’m using Gdevelop 5.0.121.I have a filing that in previous version (5.0.0. beta92) that didn’t happen. But it could be that my game has grown from 40 mb to 75 mb, anyway it’s really annoying that I have to keep an eye for that, so is somebody else having similar problems? and is there a solution?