Italia novice.... wrong collision with TROUGH JUMP PLATFORM

Hi everyone! Im Giuseppe, italian boy. Sorry 4 my english…
I started using GDevelop recently. i started following the tutorial but i have a problem. in the first guide of the platform game when I add the platform on which you can jump through, the character when he approaches under it, before it even jumps, it makes a wrong collision and starts an animation as if it were jumping from a standstill. runs it in a continuous loop until I move off the platform. practically as soon as the character touches the platform the wrong collision begins. I hope I was clear. how do I correct this action? thank you in advance

Insert your event code here plss

Hello Giuseppe,
you can compare your code with the correct one. Open Gdev → create project → select Platform project

J (from Italy me too)

I follow code step by step but it collie wrong

Are you sure about the Platform Behavior parameters ?

I post my code photo

Ciao Giuseppe,
Can you share a screenshot of the jump animation events?
If you can access the forum from the computer you use to make your game, please do so, because photo screenshots are really not great.

The difference between the tutorial and my work is this: when the character walks, in the tutorial, it remains on the same level as the platform. When it walks in my project it walks a millimeter above the platform and then it aligns well with the plane only when it is in an inactive position…

you can check the hit box
may be it is bigger then the player.

You are having these two problems because the tutorial sprites (images) are not all of the same size.
Two options:

  • use sprites of the exact same pixel size.
  • use a ghost hitbox like the one you can see in the Platformer example.

Hi @4ian The tutorial resources should be updated so that all sprites are the exact same size (or a hitbox is used), because it’s the third or fourth topic about this “bug”.

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I’ll try sir! I hope solve my dilemma… thks