I've only changed some animations in a template game and the game won't start

I’m trying out the space shooter template. The only thing I’ve changed is the sprite of the player. That’s it. Now the game won’t start. Also, I’m just now trying to play the space shooter without changing anything and it won’t start. So I guess there’s a problem with it.

I’ll link some screenshots below. I would attach project files but it’s literally just the space shooter template so that seems unnecessary

Hello. You appear to be using an ancient version of the engine. Old releases are unsupported, so it might be hard to pinpoint the issue.

What release version are you on?

I decided to switch to the browser version and now it’s working. Thank you so much though!

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Actually, I could use some help with adding music. I made the event “At the beginning of the scene” and the condition to play a music file, and I don’t hear anything. I can only hear music when I make the event “when the player moves”.

Generally, new problems should be a new forum topic.

However, I’d recommend using the “Play a sound on a channel” action instead of “Play music”. They’re different sound methods, and play music generally does not activate until the user has interacted with the game in some way.