JavaScript Limitations

Are there any kind of limitations If I make my game using JavaScript :confused: or I would become invincible, to be able to do anything with my game.:sunglasses:

The java script gives you room to achieve a lot of things which cannot be achieved with the events sheet.

JavaScript may help a bit in some cases (string manipulation, arrays, external libs) but I would definitely not code my entire game with it. Events are much faster to code and more readable.

How can I access any external libraries? Are there any free libraries.

If you don’t know then you are not experimented enough with JavaScript and it would be a waste of time to try and use Js in GDevelop

I understood you but I actually opened this thread because a spark of curiosity arised after I created a thread in the How Do I… category.

I wanted to know that the JS in GD is a specific JS Language or the normal JS found in Browsers?

Why do everyone ask this there is one Js why the heck would there be something different in GDevelop named the same

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Thanks @arthuro555 Now I have got it. :relieved: