Joystick button released (to avoid autofire)

Hi. I am just getting the hang of gdevelop and trying to add joystick support.
The player movement is working but one thing I can’t reproduce.

I want to add a value to a variable for every joystick button press without getting autofire when holding it down.
When using keyboard I set it up like (which works fine):

First a timer starts “mashtimer” (one time event for this loop)

When LControl is released
The timer “mashtimer” is greater than 0.04s:

Do +1 to variable Mashpoints
Reset the timer “mashtimer”

Because I can only choose “joystick button press” and not “joystick button release” the player could just hold the joystick button and get the fastest possible autofire.

What to do?

Managed to fix this problem…

please, rightclick and open the image if it doesn’t embed