Joystick freezes game and animation

Hi, I’m making a 3d platformer game. The issue is whenever I touch to joystick and let go, the game freezes, character animations stop and the joystick toggle does not move back to the original location. Is the because the 3d model is too large at 3mb? Or something else? Please help. Thanks!

Pls help!!!

Hi I don’t know if I can help but just looking at your sheet, you’re checking for a lot of conditions and not doing anything with them? A lot of the Actions are just empty. Reduce the events you don’t need and see if that helps?

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Thanks it worked, I’m stupid

You’re not stupid. Learning a game engine is hard, creating a game is hard, learning programming concepts is hard.

Be proud you’re creating a game and learning something. Keep at it, you’re doing great.