JSON and Bitmap

I’ll be brief, I’m using a BitMap for the text, previously I was told that a JSON can contain only text and be read with events (I still don’t know how to do this).
The question:
Despite being a JSON, can it be linked to the BITMAP text to display a text in multiple things?Preformatted text
How many JSON can read in 1 proyect? And the last one: JSON can have game (or parts of a game) and text, have other function I can use?

JSON is just a set of rules for organizing text data. Think of it like a spreadsheet. If you want to use the text from a JSON file and display parts of it as a text using a bitmap object? Yes, that is totally doable, but not directly.

To use a JSON file, you read in the JSON and parse (interpret) its information and save it to a scene variable structure, which you could then assign to text objects as needed. Given that you only read the JSON file once, in theory you could load as many JSONs into variables as you wanted, ram depending.


thanks for the answer!