Jump on platforms

I have a platform all the way across my background so my character can stand on it.
But when I create other smaller platforms for my character to jump on & collect items, he is about half an inch up from the platform & his feet never touches the smaller platform.
Also when I continue to let him walk across the platform, he goes for about another inch before coming back down to the original platform.
Can someone point me to a solution to this?
I want him to be standing on the smaller platform without him being lifted up above it.
And I want him to come back down from the platform as soon as there is no platform under him.

Did you check the hitboxes of the platform and character?

What are hitboxes & where do I check them?

Try to share an image with the scene and the events. Maybe that way someone can find out what is going on.

Read the wiki on sprites and hitboxes.